Yogurt for dogs : Safety Concerns & Alternatives

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Yogurt for Dogs: Pros
Possible Benefits

Improvement to gut microflora for prevention in diarrhea, loose stool, yeast, and other GI concerns.

Yogurt for Dogs:
Possible Concerns

Poor digestion or regurgitation.

Increased sugar intake for dogs eating sweetened or flavored yogurt.

Too much calcium for dogs.

Minimal benefit. Most yogurt for dogs does not contain enough beneficial bacteria (or enough strains) to significantly effect the gut.


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Thousands of dog owners use Probiotic Miracle®, a probiotics for dogs, instead of yogurt for dogs for best results in promoting strong gut health.

"We gave yogurt to our english bulldog for months at the recommendation of our vet. For months we waited to see the improvement, which never came. She was itchy and yeasty pretty much all the time. When a friend told me about Probiotic Miracle I gave it a try. We saw improvement in about a week! Yogurt for dogs didn't work for us, I just want to thank you for making a fantastic product!"

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Yogurt for dogs is a common addition to the diet. Many dog owners add a little yogurt each day to their dog's diet in hopes that these live cultures will stabilize gut flora and stave off problems like diarrhea, loose stool, and yeast, to name a few.

Yogurt for Dogs: Cons

The Problems With Yogurt...

Yogurt is dairy and contains lactose
Dogs do not produce lactase (the enzyme that digests lactose) in copious amounts as humans do. In the natural world, there is no such thing as yogurt for dogs. So, this can become a digestive problem for dogs to produce lactase to digest yogurt and obtain the benefits of the live cultures. It is not uncommon for dogs to regurgitate the yogurt shortly after eating.

Probiotic content in yogurt is low or negligible
The fact is, most yogurt does not contain enough of the right types of probiotics or live cultures to truly balance your dog's gut. This is also due to the fact that yogurt pasteurized after bacteria is added will contain almost no probiotics. The most common species of probiotics in yogurt is acidophilus, and while acidophilus is good for dogs, it is not enough in itself to bring maximum benefit for dogs. Further, most species of bacteria, that bring the most benefit to dogs, will not perform well in a yogurt medium.

Too many other undesirable elements in yogurt
Some yogurts, in addition to live and active cultures, contain multiple other ingredients, flavors, or sugars that can adversely affect canine health. All yogurt is high in calcium, which can pose a health problem for dogs if not closely monitored in context with the rest of your dog's diet.

Alternative to Yogurt for Dogs

We believe that yogurt, while it can offer some minimal benefits, is not the best way to healthfully impact your dogs health. A better alternative, rather than giving your dog the benefits of active probiotic cultures through yogurt, is to provide these cultures alone through a pure probiotic supplement made specifically for dogs.

Instead of yogurt, give your dog a daily dose of Probiotic Miracle®. One economical scoop (1/8 tsp) per day is all it takes to positively impact your dog's intestinal health. Probiotic Miracle provides stabilized probiotic cultures that are right for dogs, and in the right amounts, so you don't have to worry about the undesirable ingredients, like those found in yogurt.

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Research Supports Probiotic Supplementation Over Yogurt

Probiotic Miracle is a supplement made for your dog and it will never cause harm. One small canister contains hundreds of doses, which makes it even more economical than yogurt.

Benefits of Probiotic Miracle


acidophilus for dogs

Probiotic Miracle®

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